Mapping Rent Reporting for Credit Building

A Landscape Scan of the Affordable Housing Industry

How important is a credit score for a renter? Traditional credit reporting practices for renters are different than those for homeowners, but that is starting to change. Credit scores are the primary reference that landlords review or use to screen potential new tenants. Having poor, low, or non-existent credit remains a barrier to affordable housing for low-income people. This affects not only their ability to qualify for rental housing, but also the probability of transitioning between renting and owning their own home by qualifying for financial products with fair and reasonable interest rates—a key wealth-building milestone that signifies upward mobility. This research was supported by the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, powered by Wells Fargo.

August 8, 2022
Evelyn Immonen, Grace Campion
Impact Areas
  • Upward Mobility