Finding a Frame for Affordable Housing: Findings from Reframing Research on Affordable Housing and Community Development

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An effective framing strategy is needed to build public understanding of affordable housing and community development and generate support for change. The right framing will help combat consumerist thinking, generate a more structural understanding of problems with housing and solutions to address them, and inoculate against NIMBYism and skepticism of public intervention in housing.

This report outlines the findings from a series of interrelated investigations aimed at finding effective frames. Its purpose is to outline and explain the evidence base behind the recommendations emerging from this project. The authors hope that a transparent approach to the research, and its methods and findings, will enable advocates to trust and share the recommended reframing techniques.

This report is accompanied by a companion playbook for advocates, which translates the findings reported here into a “how to” framing guide and clear set of “do’s and don’ts” for communications practice.

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