Advancing Mobility from Poverty

This toolkit for housing and education partnerships provides readers an understanding of the importance of cross-sector collaboration between the housing and education sectors for advancing mobility from poverty for children and families. The toolkit is organized around five common phases of partnership in creating and implementing housing and education initiatives that can advance mobility from poverty and ultimately lead to needed systems change. The toolkit and accompanying appendices offer guidance and examples for those seeking to engage across sectors around shared outcomes to close disparity gaps and promote economic mobility. Informed by research from by the Urban Institute, the toolkit highlights several case studies of emerging partnerships between housing and education organizations that have aligned their work around shared outcomes. Urban Institute’s research on local partnerships also is reflected in the research brief: Aligning Housing and Education: Evidence of Promising Practices and Structural Challenges


July 31, 2020
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Impact Areas
  • Upward Mobility 
  • Resident Success
  • Technical Assistance
  • Advisory Services (Consulting)
  • Resident Services