Enterprise's comments commend FEMA's commitment to strengthen the NFIP program and better align with the current understanding of flood risk and flood risk reduction approaches. With flooding being the nation’s costliest disaster, deficiencies in the program pose numerous challenges for housing developers and communities. Key recommendations included:

  • Updating the flood maps to expand insurance coverage uptake;
  • Maintaining insurance affordability, especially for low-income populations;
  • Setting physical standards for mitigation of housing that meet or exceed  forward-looking building codes;
  • Providing additional funding support for LMI communities to mitigate risk to reduce; exposure
  • Increasing awareness and accessibility of information on foreseeable risks communities face.

Overall, Enterprise believes that reducing flood risk in vulnerable properties and incentivizing multifamily building owner investment will yield significant long-term savings for the NFIP and will protect our nation’s most vulnerable communities from the risks posed by a changing climate.