Socially-engaged industry leaders bring creativity and knowledge in design and sustainability to local development organizations in communities across the country

COLUMBIA, Md. (Nov. 2, 2020) – Enterprise Community Partners Inc. (Enterprise) announced the new class of its Enterprise Rose Fellowship today. The seven new fellows are working in Asheville, N.C.; Cleveland, Ohio; Boston, Mass.; Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Fla.; Portland, Ore.; Detroit, Mich.; and Telluride, Colo.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, the innovative Enterprise Rose Fellowship partners architects, landscape architects and community-engaged artists with local community development organizations to facilitate an inclusive approach that results in sustainable, healthy and affordable communities. As an integral member of their host organization, Rose Fellows integrate design processes, artistic practices, community engagement principles and creativity into development projects and the organization overall.

“The incoming class of Enterprise Rose Fellows are entering the community development field at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted how things are done, and the need for social good is higher than ever. By working with local organizations, the emerging young professionals are in a unique position to help improve current processes and develop high-quality, sustainable and affordable design nationwide,” said Mark Matel, program director, Rose Fellowship Program, Design Initiatives, Enterprise.

The seven new Rose Fellows are working in a wide range of communities across the country:

  • Aaron Green will be working with Mountain Housing Opportunities in Asheville, North Carolina, to help expand its network of projects into other mountain communities and make an impact on the community he grew up in.
  • Andrew Sargeant is joining Cleveland Neighborhood Progress in Cleveland, Ohio, as Enterprise’s first Landscape Rose Fellow. He will focus on human-centered urban design and landscape architecture strategies to empower communities to achieve equity and resilience.
  • Chana Haouzi, AIA, will be working with the City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development in Boston, Massachusetts. She will be working in close partnership with the City’s Housing Innovation Lab to develop innovative solutions to address complex issues through design thinking and the development of prototype housing models.
  • John J. Clark, AIA, joins South Florida Community Land Trust in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he will be exploring design and project management solutions to support the incorporation of the Community Land Trust model into transit-oriented development and preserve affordable housing.
  • Mukhtara Yusuf will work with Human Solutions in Portland, Oregon, and will be creating new interior and communal spaces in partnership with existing recycling and sustainable repair organizations.
  • Rebecca “Bucky” Willis is joining Develop Detroit in Detroit, Michigan, where she will employ human-centered methods to create a set of design guidelines and place-making strategies that will better position the organization to gain greater community input on its projects.
  • Samuel David Bruce will be working with Telluride Foundation in Telluride, Colorado, where he aims to establish a network of diverse voices to collaborate on a vision for an innovative solution to the affordable housing problem in the Mountain West.

Enterprise’s two-year Rose Fellowship program provides early-career designers with the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the connections between mission-driven real estate development, community organizing and policy.

The fellowship brings innovative designers and artists to local community development corporations (CDCs) with the goal of integrating creative place-making and community development to benefit low-income communities. Embedding community-focused artists and architects as staff in host organizations across the country builds the capacity of community developers to leverage art, culture, creativity and design to advance their missions and improve the lives of residents.