November 28, 2018

Judi Kende Discusses Enterprise’s Longstanding Partnership with Wells Fargo at AtlanticLIVE! Summit

Judi Kende AtlanticLIVE Corporate Social Responsibility Summit

On November 9, Enterprise’s New York Market Leader Judi Kende participated in a discussion with Jon Campbell, head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations at Wells Fargo at the AtlanticLIVE Corporate Social Responsibility Summit: The Power of Purpose. Their conversation stressed the strong and longstanding collaboration between Enterprise and Wells Fargo, highlighting it as an example of successful nonprofit-corporate partnership in the realm of affordable housing.

Judi praised Wells Fargo’s unique and transformative approach to philanthropy. As Jon noted during the conversation, “While check-writing is important, Wells strives to take a holistic approach and is always looking for ways to bring together our products and services, operations and philanthropy.”

In addition to providing grants for Enterprise’s programmatic efforts, Wells Fargo has been instrumental in the expansion of our state and local policy work, which has spread from a single office to 11 around the country. Enterprise's ability to promote housing policy is critical, as it allows us to tackle systemic issues that impact communities. Jon Campbell responded by saying that Wells Fargo is always open to new ideas, including innovative initiatives put forward by Enterprise.

Judi and Jon also discussed Undesign the Redline, a traveling, interactive exhibit generously supported by Wells Fargo and hosted at organizations throughout the country. Undesign the Redline presents artifacts, maps and stories that show the discriminatory housing policies that led to segregation and the ways these policies continue to impact us today.

“We’re seeking to look very deep into segregation and to reduce its effects, because we know it negatively impacts regions, their economies and the people who live in these neighborhoods,” Judi said. “It’s very important to have educational tools... [for] teaching people about policies and practices that lead to these detrimental effects.” Learn more about our work in racial equity and housing.

We thank Wells Fargo for their continued support and partnership, as well as the AtlanticLIVE, for facilitating our conversation. 

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