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Fostering Community Improvement in Detroit from the Ground Up


Housing is an important foundation for economic mobility. Unfortunately, thousands of low-income families in Detroit struggle to find a safe, affordable place to call home due to disinvestment and deteriorating neighborhoods. More affordable homes need to be built – homes connected to critical resources such as public transportation, health care, jobs and good schools. Community-based developers on the ground need support and resources to fill the growing need.

Thanks to generous support from the Ford Foundation, 10 community-based development organizations will receive financial support through grants, along with technical assistance and training from the local Enterprise team, to improve their capacity to produce and preserve affordable housing in targeted neighborhoods.

The focused effort aims to revitalize neighborhoods by increasing capital investment, rehabilitating housing and connecting residents to resources — increasing opportunities for low-income people to access jobs and services and increase their economic mobility.

Support from the Ford Foundation will also aid Enterprise’s complementary efforts to redevelop vacant properties with the City of Detroit and foster better health outcomes for residents through improved affordable development practices.

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