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Redeveloping Neighborhoods Through Creative Placemaking

Families living in poverty are among the most vulnerable in the face of chronic and acute stressors. As they struggle to make ends meet, they are often the least prepared for, and take the longest to recover from, devastating storms brought on by the growing climate crisis. In addition to addressing the built environment’s resilience to these threats, uplifting the voices and concerns of these residents and fostering social cohesion in their communities is one of the most powerful tools to build resilience to both climate-related events and other resilience challenges such as gentrification and displacement pressures. This is why Enterprise is driving national efforts to increase climate and cultural resilience across the country.

Thanks to the generous support of the Barr Foundation, a series of connected strategies will be deployed to increase climate and cultural resilience of low-income communities, in the Boston area and nationwide.

Enterprise is driving national efforts to increase climate and cultural resilience in low-income communities through a suite of integrated programs that leverage culture, creativity, community-engaged design, and green building practices to advance equitable outcomes. 

  • Through our Culture & Creativity programs, support the activation of places that are under-utilized, generate interaction and buy-in, increase community pride and connectedness, and spur local economies.
  • In Boston and the Northeast,  Rose Fellows are working directly with development partners to implement placemaking projects and increase community resilience and reduce carbon emissions through sustainable building practices. In addition, Enterprise is bringing to Boston programs focused on building awareness of the historical inequities caused by the practice of redlining. 
  • The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria will be updated for 2020, including new criteria focused on cultural resilience and equity as well as the creation of new tools for carbon measurement and resilience strategies in green communities and housing.
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