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What’s at Stake

In the United States, where a child grows up is the single most important factor in determining whether he or she will have a secure, successful life or one filled with struggle and instability. Perpetual barriers to opportunity in low-income communities block access to life-shaping resources — safe housing, a good school, jobs and basic health care.

Today, millions of parents and children nationwide live in communities disconnected from these vital resources. Failing to close the gaps now leaves another generation at risk of continued poverty and unrealized potential.

We may have the same goals in life, but not the same opportunities—and where you live affects the life you can have. We need your support to create the changes needed to ensure every child gets to start life knowing the comfort and security of home in a vibrant community.

How Enterprise Is Helping

We are working to close those gaps, improving communities and people’s lives. We raise private and public funds to create well-designed affordable homes connected to opportunity through smart development and partnership. Our programs improve housing, strengthen communities and provide services to residents. 

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Programs & Initiatives

Market-focused programs work to tackle challenges facing low- and moderate-income people that are specific to regions and communities. Working with state and local governments, developers, advocates and community organizations, our programs focus on a variety of issues including lack of affordable housing, limited access to transportation, inequitable allocation of public resources and barriers to economic mobility. 

Our national initiatives offer solutions that seek broad-reaching changes in policies and practices and deliver new resources to the community development sector through innovative financing, tools and research. 

By bringing together the right expertise and know-how to make well-designed homes affordable and improve communities, we remove barriers that prevent children from reaching their potential and create places filled with opportunity so they can thrive.

We can’t do it alone. We need the help of corporations, foundations and individuals to drive the change we seek and make the impact we know can be achieved with partnership and support. 

Find out ways you or your organization can help. 

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