Our Priorities in the Southeast

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD)

TransFormation Alliance

The Atlanta Equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD) Collaborative has a new name and brand - the TransFormation Alliance (TFA), working to strengthen communities through transit. As one of the co-leaders of the Alliance, Enterprise participates on both the leadership team of the Alliance and chairs the Housing and TOD Finance Committee. In addition to growing the Alliance’s membership and programming, Enterprise is managing a pilot development project in an emerging neighborhood to demonstrate permanent affordability and community engagement principles. TFA’s goals are to remove barriers to, and advance incentives for, equitable transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Atlanta region. TFA has recently received a $350,000 two-year grant from the Ford Foundation to support its work.

The TransFormation Alliance focuses on five key issues to support and expand equitable TOD:

  • People: Providing a platform and tools for community residents to engage in dialogue about their neighborhoods.
  • Transit: Advocating for funding to maintain, access, and responsibly expand our transit infrastructure.
  • Finance: Coordinating resources to get ETOD projects off the ground.
  • Job Access: Striving to ensure workers of all wage levels can access high-quality jobs and employers can access qualified workers.
  • Housing Choice: Fighting for policies and resources that create and preserve affordable living options near transit.

To learn more about the work of the TransFormation Alliance, including current projects.

Affordable Housing Preservation

se-blackshear.jpgProactive Preservation through Partnerships
This program seeks to preserve the affordability of distressed or at-risk multifamily properties, especially those near transit and employment resources. We are engaged in mapping of subsidized affordable multifamily properties, with a priority of mapping those properties within one mile of MARTA rail stations. This analysis includes assessment of subsidy expiration, as well as an overlay with demographic data, significant development projects and transit.

These properties and communities will be targeted by working closely with public and private partners to identify opportunities for preservation of:

  • Expiring or soon-to-be expiring properties financed by Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity
  • Expiring properties subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Un-subsidized market rate affordable properties
    • 1,500 homeless individuals and families in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area will be housed in existing housing and receive services to help them remain housed.
    • 25,000 potential affordable housing units will be made available.

Integrated Homeless Housing Strategies

Open Doors Initiative
The Open Doors program is a partnership betweenAtlanta Real Estate Collaborative (AREC) and Enterprise Community Partners (ECP). Through engagement of private, multifamily property owners, Open Doors lowers barriers and increases access to affordable housing by connecting property owners with carefully-screened tenants who have the support of quality service providers. Open Doors has helped our nonprofit partners house over 4,000 individuals over the last three years in Metro Atlanta.

How does it work?
Open Doors partners with affordable housing owners willing to extend housing to homeless families and individuals. Nonprofit and public sector partners connect them with carefully-screened clients, most of whom are homeless as a result of unexpected economic setbacks. Non-profit service providers coordinate with owners to deliver vocational services, health care and other interventions as needed to ensure the placements are successful. Subsidy programs, including Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers (VASH), Georgia Housing Program Vouchers (GHVP), and Rapid Rehousing rental assistance, provide landlords guaranteed payments, while providing tenants with stable housing options.

Over the next three years:


Nonprofit Capacity Building

We provide capacity building assistance to CDCs as they seek to expand their affordable housing and community development expertise in a number of areas. Our staff supports organizations as they preserve affordable housing, access financing, build asset management practices, mitigate homelessness issues,and other areas of interest to CDCs in the Southeast. We do so by providing grants, direct technical assistance and training to support the planning, production and preservation of affordable housing in the Southeast.