Ending Housing Insecurity

We believe opportunity begins when people have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home. It grows with access to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.

Enterprise’s mission is to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities.

We are driven by our mission, fueled by business discipline and sustained by donors and investors. Since 1982, Enterprise has worked with partners in communities nationwide. One of America’s original social enterprises, we bring together the people and resources to create affordable housing in strong neighborhoods.

Within Enterprise are entities that lend funds, finance development and manage and build affordable housing. To date, Enterprise has invested $23.4 billion, helped create nearly 358,000 homes and touched millions of lives. In fact, every day someone moves into a better place to live thanks to Enterprise.

Yet our mission is more critical than ever.

The U.S. is in the midst of a housing insecurity crisis that affects nearly 19 million low-income families. The crisis touches families who are homeless or pay more than half their monthly income on housing. They struggle to stay afloat and face impossible choices – such as choosing to pay rent or buy groceries. Many families are one paycheck away from losing their homes. Tomorrow, they might be on the street.

Enterprise's goal is to end housing insecurity within a generation. As a down payment on that goal, we will provide opportunity to 1 million families by 2020 through quality affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care.

What sets Enterprise apart – and prepares us for this audacious challenge – is how we work. Enterprise is the only housing organization in the U.S. with deep expertise in each of the three catalysts for systemic change: impact capital, innovative solutions on the ground and transformative public policy.

  • Capital: We are a leader in socially driven, performance-based capital investment. We pioneer new financial tools – from targeted investment funds to social impact bonds – to bring private capital to underinvested neighborhoods. We match socially conscious investors with opportunities that yield economic returns alongside measurable impact for communities.
  • Solutions: We work in the field with partners to solve critical issues facing low-income communities across the U.S. Whether preserving affordable housing near transit or ensuring families have access to jobs, health care and other services, we’re constantly collaborating. Together, we identify, pilot and scale opportunity-building solutions for low-income people. 
  • Policy: Our track record of developing sound, bipartisan policies makes us a crucial voice for low-income families on Capitol Hill and in statehouses nationwide. We helped to design and implement the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, a primary tool for affordable rental housing. Enterprise remains at the forefront of all critical housing and community development policies.

In addition to our headquarters in the Mid-Atlantic, we have offices in markets nationwide, from New York to Los Angeles – as well as local, state and national partnerships throughout the country.

We are led by an experienced management team and exemplary board members. Our talented staff bring expertise in the public and private sectors – and across critical programs and business lines, from green building to impact investing, and tax credits to transit-oriented development. We are a trusted advisor to many community, government and financial partners. Enterprise works comprehensively and collaboratively to create and sustain affordable housing in strong communities.

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