Our Priorities in Detroit

  • Help the city put U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding to best use, through our work with the Housing and Revitalization Department and Office of Grants Management
  • Assist the city to align strategies and resources in neighborhoods of opportunity
  • Continue to support the Detroit Land Bank Authority as it assesses needs and works to redevelop vacant properties in the city’s target neighborhoods
  • Build the capacity of local community development corporations and developers to advance key revitalization projects
  • Support a healthier Detroit by improving the affordable housing stock and strengthening connections to transit and jobs

Our Impact in Detroit

To date, Enterprise has invested $4.5 Million in Detroit:

  • $2.75 million in development financing through the Detroit Development Fund
  • $500,000 in Section 4 funding for local partners to build capacity
  • Technical assistance to the Detroit Land Bank Authority
  • Technical assistance to various city departments, including the Housing and Revitalization Department, Office of Grants Management and Planning and Development Department
  • Two Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows placed with local partners

2015 Year in Review

This is an exciting time in the history of Detroit. Once a major industrial capital with great civic pride, Detroit declined as the nature of the auto industry changed. Today, however, a new vision and spirit of innovation has taken hold.

December of 2015 marked the one year anniversary of Detroit’s emergence from the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Since then, revitalization in the city’s core and surrounding neighborhoods has grown exponentially. The grand architecture, newly recognized open land and innovative spirit has given rise to a new vision for the city, one that sees what could be.

Enterprise has shared this vision and helped accelerate its pace with an array of local and national financial and technical resources. Our success in strengthening and rebuilding communities hinges on the success of our partners, whether they are governmental entities or community development organizations.

Kylee MitchellIn November of 2015, with the assistance of a Ford Foundation grant, we engaged Kylee Mitchell as our program director for the Detroit area. She comes to us with on-the-ground experience in community development, with experiences that include serving as associate director of the Office of Grants Management for the city of Detroit, consulting for the city’s Planning and Development Department, designing innovative financial initiatives for the mayor’s office in Washington, D.C., and helping families achieve financial stability with guidance from United Way. She is hard at work building relationships, identifying needs and raising our work in Detroit to a new level.

Since we began working in Detroit in 2014, our Chicago team, either directly or through our consulting arm, Enterprise Advisors, provided capital and technical assistance that strengthened the capacity of governmental entities and community development organizations. To date, our key activities include:

chicago-ford-foundation-208x155.jpgBuilding Organizational Capacity – We provided technical assistance and grants to key partners.

  • City of Detroit, Housing Revitalization Department – Informed and developed processes and procedures for HUD-supported housing development projects while assessing grant portfolios and developing strategies for successful management and closeout.
  • City of Detroit, Office of Grants Management – Recommended and developed process maps for administering and managing multiple HUD funding streams.
  • City of Detroit, Detroit Land Bank Authority – Designed three property disposition programs and an expenditure plan for anticipated program income. Instituted a Salesforce information technology platform and integrated it with a blighted structures initiative in the city.
  • Community Development Corporations – In 2015 we made grants to 13 organizations through our HUD Section 4 resources. These grants included an affordable housing development for artists, transit-oriented mixed-use development in mid-town, a program that trains volunteers to rehabilitate blighted properties and an organization that provides capacity building assistance.

Making Development Affordable, Sustainable, and Resilient through Solutions and Innovation.

Our national Green Communities Criteria training in December of 2015 helped over 60 individuals from local CDC’s, energy organizations and development firms understand how to build green housing that is cost effective and sustainable. Due to high demand we will host another training in 2016. 

Investing for Impact

Enterprise invested approximately $5,400,000 in Detroit as of 2015. This was leveraged with public and private resources for a substantial impact in the community. These funds represented investments from our diverse business lines, including:

  • Enterprise Community Loan Fund ($3,750,000)
  • HUD Section 4 pass through grants ($500,000)
  • Enterprise Advisors consulting services ($916,000)
  • A Rose Fellowship that empowered an up and coming architect to work on cutting edge design projects in the affordable housing sector ($270,000)

We invite you to join Kylee, the Chicago team and the groundswell of renewed enthusiasm that’s building in Detroit. Together, we can build a promising new future for the residents of Detroit, in which affordable housing, connected to opportunity, is available for all.