Creating and Rebuilding Affordable Homes in San Francisco: HOPE SF

Since 2008, Enterprise has been a leader in HOPE SF, a groundbreaking initiative to create more than 4,600 new homes in southeast San Francisco. This includes rebuilding 1,900 public housing units on four distressed sites across the city, and building a mix of 2,700 affordable apartments and workforce and market rate homes. HOPE SF will create thriving, mixed-income communities without displacing current public housing residents.

From the beginning, Enterprise has played a unique and critical role in HOPE SF by providing Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity, technical assistance, resources and advice. We also developed an innovative program for adults eager to deepen their community leadership skills and launched Campaign for HOPE SF with the City, the Mayor’s Office, and The San Francisco Foundation.

Our Priorities

  • Ensure that San Francisco’s public housing residents live in thriving neighborhoods with access to high-quality transit, services and amenities
  • Provide cutting-edge technical assistance in a range of areas including community building, resident leadership, green design and development finance
  • Improve the health of public housing residents and lower the environmental impacts of public housing by facilitating green retrofitting of aging multifamily buildings to decrease energy and water use, stabilize costs and reduce pollution
  • Grow and guide the resident programs at each HOPE SF site to address mental and physical health, education and economic mobility through a trauma-informed approach
  • Work closely with developers and partners on all phases of HOPE SF redevelopment and engage national experts to support continual learning

Our Accomplishments

  • Engaged new partners, public agencies and academic institutions to create programs to help residents move toward better health and economic self sufficiency
  • Partnered with the San Francisco Housing Authority to teach the HOPE SF Leadership Academy, an award-winning class on redevelopment and leadership for HOPE SF residents
  • Organized green symposiums and planning processes to learn from experts and Enterprise colleagues about healthy food, energy efficiency measures and health measurement tools
  • Provided resources for HOPE SF teams to work with nationally recognized community builders, service providers and resident engagement specialists
  • Co-managed the contract for the large-scale HOPE SF evaluation planning and implementation process
  • Informed HOPE VI and Choice Neighborhoods legislation

Supporting Public Housing

As part of the San Francisco’s public housing Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, Enterprise organizes and facilitates meetings and trainings for the developers selected by the City to rehabilitate and operate its public housing developments. Conducted in a peer-to-peer setting, members build their capacity to serve public housing residents through skill-building trainings offered by local and national experts on topics relevant to resident support, public housing development and property management.

Our Priorities

  • Improve the overall sustainability of housing for San Francisco’s public housing residents living in the non-HOPE SF sites
  • Support developer partners with resident engagement and financial and portfolio integration plans
  • Advise the City of San Francisco on process and structure, particularly as it relates to the transfer of properties to developers
  • Engage tenant rights consultants to advise developers on developing responsive service and rehabilitation plans and to support public housing residents through the transition
  • Convene monthly training meetings on a diversity of topics that will prepare developers for success through the reposition and RAD conversion ranging from senior with the stress of the transition, to financing, and to community outreach
  • Coordinate closely with the City and the San Francisco Housing Authority to successfully reposition the developments and to share best practices nationally




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