Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Toolkit

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program helps preserve and revitalize public housing by shifting ownership from housing agencies to public-private partnerships. This enables agencies to access new sources of financing so they can complete renovations to preserve the properties for the long term.

The RAD Curriculum is an educational resource for public housing residents and communities who are undergoing a RAD conversion. The curriculum informs residents about what they can expect while going through a RAD conversion.

The RAD Curriculum is a visual, interactive resource intended to provide public housing residents with important information about what RAD will mean for them. It includes an overview of the program, a section on tenants’ rights and strategies for organizing. The curriculum is designed to accommodate a wide range of uses spanning different audiences, settings and levels of facilitation skills. Users can mix and match the sections, or pick and choose activities and handouts.

The curriculum is meant to be a resource for both stakeholders directly involved in a RAD conversion, and any groups interested in learning about RAD, such as resident leadership, public housing communities, community-based organizations, public agencies, developers, property managers and advocates.

RAD Curriculum Resources

  • Facilitator's Guide (pdf) - The primary tool for curriculum facilitators, providing guidance and a framework on how to present the curriculum in a variety of settings and for different audiences.
  • RAD 101 (slides) - An optional complement to a facilitator using the RAD 101 section of the RAD Curriculum. The slides are intended to be presented to an audience by a facilitator.
  • Prepare for RAD (slides) - Prepare for the RAD section of the RAD Curriculum, focusing on resident rights, key issues and how best to get involved. 
  • Organize (slides) - An optional complement to the Organize section of the RAD Curriculum, focusing on resident organizations and general organizing best practices.
  • RAD at a Glance (pdf) - A standalone pamphlet that briefly summarizes what is most important to know about RAD.
  • Getting Ready for RAD (pdf) - A standalone pamphlet that succinctly explains RAD and how residents can prepare and get involved. It also includes the RAD conversion timeline.

Additional RAD Resources

  • RAD Video - Made by residents, for residents, this video helps inform and empower communities affected by the RAD process.