Anthony is a resident of the AHSC-funded Anchor Place development in Long Beach, CA.

The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) is one of our California’s largest funding sources for affordable housing. AHSC pairs affordable housing with high-quality transportation investments to foster healthy, well-connected communities. At its core, AHSC is a successful statewide program for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helping advance our State goals for a healthier, more sustainable California. Established in 2014, the AHSC program is funded through California’s cap-and-trade program.

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Our Work

Statewide Technical Assistance

Enterprise is a leading technical assistance (TA) provider for the AHSC program. Our statewide AHSC TA team provides customized services to large and small cities, housing developers, and transit agencies. Our AHSC team has staff based in Northern California, Southern California, and the San Joaquin Valley, ensuring that our TA addresses local needs. 

The AHSC funding process is highly competitive, and successful applications require multi-faceted teams and innovative projects. Our team of AHSC experts provided technical assistance to 14 out of the 19 teams that were awarded AHSC funds in the Round 3 application cycle. Our services are custom designed to support the exact needs of our clients. We support our partners throughout the year in three stages with services that include:

  • Pre-Notice of Funding Availability
  • Application Preparation and Submittal
  • Post-Submittal Evaluations and Pipeline Prep

For more information about our TA services, please contact Sally Greenspan.

Policy & Advocacy 



As a critical program funding affordable housing statewide, protecting and strengthening the AHSC program is one of Enterprise’s key policy priorities. We collaborate with our local and state partners to ensure that the AHSC program maintains at least its current funding levels, and with the administering agency to ensure the program’s guidelines are designed to achieve the program’s policy goals. 

What we do: 

  • Advocacy Days. Enterprise organizes Advocacy Days at the State Capitol with local and state partners to educate and engage State Legislators with the AHSC program.
  • Sharing Resident Stories. We collect and uplift stories from residents who are directly benefiting from the AHSC program. View our AHSC profiles: 
    Hayward Senior Apartments
  • Creating Advocacy Tools. Enterprise produces district-level AHSC profiles to demonstrate the program’s local impact. Our district-level analysis demonstrates the affordable housing gains, GHG reductions, and more, and are updated each round of AHSC awards. 
    - District-level profiles are available on request.
  • Responding to regulatory guidelines. Enterprise provides the Strategic Growth Council with comments on the program guidelines that reflect our statewide technical knowledge and policy analysis.
  • Assessing Program Outcomes. Enterprise has collaborated with California Housing Partnership Corporation and Transform to review the program outcomes and produce a written report.

About investAHSC. Enterprise is collaborating with cross-sector and statewide partners to develop and launch a statewide advocacy campaign to keep AHSC funded. Stay tuned for more information on the investAHSC campaign!

For more information about our AHSC policy & advocacy, please contact Sarah Brundage.

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