The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) is one of California’s largest funding sources for affordable housing. AHSC pairs affordable housing with high-quality transportation investments to foster healthy, well-connected communities. At its core, AHSC is a successful statewide program for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helping advance our State goals for a healthier, more sustainable California. Established in 2014, the AHSC program is funded through California’s cap-and-trade program.

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Our Work

Technical Assistance Work

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) funding is highly competitive with just 102 out of 228 applicant teams receiving an award since the program’s inception. Successful applications require multi-faceted teams and innovative projects.

Because of the challenges that this complex and interdisciplinary program presents, Enterprise established our AHSC Technical Assistance (TA) program in 2014 to ensure that public and private partners have the support needed to craft innovative, environmentally impactful and community-driven applications. Our work brings unlikely partners together into high-functioning teams whose combined housing and transportation infrastructure projects make healthy, well-connected and sustainable neighborhoods.

Who We Work With

Enterprise has had a deep and sustained commitment to the AHSC program, and now employs four full-time dedicated AHSC staff across the State who have collectively worked on 73 awarded projects since the program’s inception. As a trusted advisor with deep experience in California, Enterprise can forge unique transit and public agency partnerships and employ our extensive AHSC guideline expertise to work seamlessly with housing developers to design applications that maximize competitiveness while achieving environmental and policy objectives.

Our Approach

Our services are custom designed to support the exact needs of our clients. We provide deep application consulting support to teams throughout the year, working methodically with our partners from application conception to submittal and beyond. A sampling of our services includes:

  • Assess future AHSC project opportunities and develop AHSC pipelines
  • Clarify and interpret guidelines
  • Verify eligibility and readiness
  • Analyze competitiveness and craft AHSC application strategy
  • Engage and educate public agency partners
  • Develop transportation, bike, pedestrian and urban greening scope
  • Create and utilize tools, checklists and regular calls to keep team members on track with required application items
  • Troubleshoot and answer all technical questions
  • Ensure team’s quality submittal via comprehensive budget, narrative and application attachment review and support

Our Team

Our AHSC team has staff based in Northern and Southern California as well as the San Joaquin Valley, ensuring customized services that address local needs. We lead this work year-round to develop trusting relationships between co-applicants and to ensure that each project is designed to maximize AHSC objectives and scoring. Through the strategic development of our team, tools and client base, Enterprise has become a leading TA provider to California’s large and small communities, housing developers and transit agencies.

For more information about our AHSC work, please contact Sally Greenspan.

Policy & Advocacy

As a critical program funding affordable housing statewide, protecting and strengthening the AHSC program is one of Enterprise’s key policy priorities. We collaborate with our local and state partners to ensure that the AHSC program maintains at least its current funding levels, and with the administering agency to ensure the program’s guidelines are designed to achieve the program’s policy goals.

What we do:

  • Advocacy Days. Enterprise organizes Advocacy Days at the State Capitol with local and state partners to educate and engage State Legislators with the AHSC program.
  • Sharing Resident Stories. We collect and uplift stories from residents who are directly benefiting from the AHSC program.
  • Creating Advocacy Tools. Enterprise produces district-level AHSC profiles to demonstrate the program’s local impact. Our district-level analysis demonstrates the affordable housing gains, GHG reductions, and more, and are updated each round of AHSC awards.
    - District-level profiles are available on request.
  • Responding to regulatory guidelines. Enterprise provides the Strategic Growth Council with comments on the program guidelines that reflect our statewide technical knowledge and policy analysis.
  • Assessing Program Outcomes. Enterprise collaborates with California Housing Partnership to write an annual report on the outcomes of the AHSC program.

For more information about our AHSC policy & advocacy, please contact Justine Marcus.



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