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News Release

Nueva red fortalecerá organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Puerto Rico

Una nueva red brindará entrenamiento, interconexión y financiamiento para organizaciones sin fines de lucro en todo Puerto Rico para aumentar la capacidad para satisfacer las necesidades cruciales de la comunidad en áreas como vivienda, resistencia al clima, educación y salud, especialmente a medida que la isla se recupera de los huracanes del 2017.
Blog Post

Combating Climate Change with Resilient Energy Solutions

At Enterprise, we are addressing the rising occurrence of disasters by promoting climate-resilient communities across the country. We're exploring the inclusion of a Net Zero Energy (NZE) target — one in which the total amount of energy used in a building is equal to the amount of renewable energy the building produces generally through solar or geothermal — in the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria for buildings certified under the Criteria starting in 2020.
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