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Philanthropy News Digest reports on the launch of Funding for Housing Opportunity, a nine-foundation collaborative supporting affordable housing. Its initial grants include one for Enterprise and the National Housing Trust to lead a coalition that elevates the voices of residents.
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Funders for Housing and Opportunity Invests in Bold Goal to Mobilize Cross-Sector Partners to Make Safe and Affordable Housing a Reality for All Americans

A place to call home is the foundation for success in neighborhoods across the country. Families and communities thrive when they live in a safe, stable place with access to quality health care, reliable transit, and good schools and jobs. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Across the nation, low-income children and adults suffer disproportionately from chronic health conditions because they live in homes that are poorly constructed and maintained, in neighborhoods that lack access to health care services and resources. Frequently, affordable homes are located far away from public transportation, making it more difficult for the families that live there to get to work and access necessities like groceries and health care. Children who experience housing insecurity and homelessness or live in unsafe housing are more likely to change schools and miss class frequently, and have weak bonds with teachers and classmates. And finally, a lack of affordable housing in places with good jobs results in weaker economic growth and decreased earnings for workers.
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