Self-Directed and Group Learning

NSP Webinars

Enterprise has produced, presented, and broadcast 57 Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) live webinars on various aspects related to the administration and implementation of the NSP program to over 8,200 people, most of whom are HUD customers.

Challenge: Enterprise coordinates with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) staff during the development of each webinar to determine the topic for each webinar, covering various aspects of the NSP program.

How TA was provided: Enterprise coordinates with HUD regarding the scope and approach of the presentation so that it is framed appropriately for the target audience and incorporates the latest updates on NSP rules, regulations or any other current issues of interest. The webinar sessions include both program-specific presentations and Q&A sessions between NSP grantees and HUD staff.


  • The NSP webinars increased grantee’s ability to better deliver their NSP programs, use HUD funds in a more timely and efficient manner, and operate their programs within regulatory compliance.
  • Webinar participants became better equipped with the program knowledge and skill sets needed to administer and manage their NSP programs in a way that responds to local market contexts, challenges, opportunities and community needs.

RAD Training in Louisiana

In partnership with the Louisiana Housing Corporation, Enterprise conducted a series of one-day RAD events targeting Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) that received RAD awards and those intending to submit a RAD application.

Challenge: Some PHAs located in Louisiana were unfamiliar with RAD and its benefits for accessing Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and other affordable housing funding resources.

How TA was provided: Enterprise coordinated with the Louisiana Housing Corporation staff regarding venues, logistics, presentation material development and workshop delivery. To date, two training events have been delivered and planning is underway for at least one additional workshop.

Accomplishments/Results: The RAD Louisiana Training series:

  • Served as a primer to RAD for PHAs interested in learning more about the program,
  • Encouraged networking between PHAs and fostered peer-to-peer support
  • Created momentum and enthusiasm for RAD
  • Provided technical information to assist with application preparation

CDBG Trainings

HUD asked Enterprise to coordinate and deliver seven three-day in-person trainings on CDBG for Entitlements. This assignment was a cooperative arrangement between Cloudburst, Enterprise, NALCAB and TDA. Enterprise delivered five of the trainings in Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Richmond, San Antonio and San Francisco.

Challenge: Due to the frequent turnover of staff in local government, CDBG grantees frequently need introductions or refreshers on basic CDBG requirements, eligible activities, national objectives and related best practices in program design, planning and program administration.

How TA was provided: Delivery of the trainings involved the following:

  • Enterprise coordinated with the other TA providers and collected, assembled and printed training materials in advance of all trainings.
  • Enterprise participated in a practice session at HUD headquarters.
  • Enterprise tailored each training to the specific needs of CDBG grantees as identified by HUD Field Offices, to address problem areas or detail more updated guidance for experienced staff.
  • Following each training, Enterprise prepared and submitted a report to HUD summarizing the training and evaluations collected on-site.



  • The CDBG trainings increased grantee’s ability to better manage their CDBG programs, use program funds in a more timely and efficient manner and operate their programs within regulatory compliance.
  • For the five trainings delivered by Enterprise, over 340 staff from local governments and over 270 different CDBG grantees were trained on CDBG regulations, requirements and eligible activities.
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