Stephen Klimek
Cornerstone Group


“The Fellowship is an opportunity to create and test new models of architectural practice that build capacity for communities and cities while inspiring people to participate in the processes which shape their built environment.”

Hosted by the Cornerstone Group, a mission-driven development group in Minneapolis, Stephen Klimek is working to create a district-level approach to investment and development decisions in Prospect Park and beyond. Cornerstone is exploring the possibility for district systems to promote redevelopment and improve efficiency in the use of common resources such as parking, storm water, energy, heating and cooling, green space, data and waste.

Stephen is a graduate of Syracuse University, where he received both his Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture degrees. His Master of Architecture thesis, “Storefront:Syracuse” was exhibited as part of the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale. Prior to his Rose Fellowship, Stephen worked as a Competitions Coordinator for the Van Alen Institute and as Community Design Fellow for Hester Street Collaborative.