Jason Wheeler
Color Country Community Housing
Saint George


For his interview at Enterprise, Jason Wheeler brought with him a theoretical project from his portfolio, a mechanism for reuniting the divided island of Cyprus. He introduced his idea through drawing and sketches, and the concept that: “If I push, I open your door. If you push you will open mine … But, if we both push together perhaps something more than doors will be opened between us.” Then he pulled out his model, an intricate box filled with laser-cut layers, his own architectural manifestation of a chessboard-like engagement. Everyone was spell bound.

That ability to handcraft a real-world model from lofty concept grows in part from his considerable background in carpentry and construction management. Raised in Hyde Park, Utah, Jason earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Brigham Young University. In 2010, he received his Master of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. For Jason, a pivotal point during his graduate work was acting as lead student project manager for the Illinois Solar Decathlon in 2007. The project earned first place in “market viability” and “comfort conditioning”, and left a lasting impression. 

“The thing that impressed me most …was the universal interest in sustainable design shown by the thousands who had attended the event. Since that time I have been interested in developing solutions to make sustainable design more accessible to our nation’s residential communities.”

Fluent in Spanish and French, Jason completed an architectural internship in Lyon, France. However, his carpentry skills will likely get the most use as he puts into action the self-help program at the core of his work plan for his time with Color County.

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