James Lewis
Heartland Housing, Inc.


“As an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow, I look forward to the chance to work with a professional supportive housing developer that is service oriented, focused on community engagement and attracted to environmentally-sensitive housing design.”

James is hosted by Heartland Housing, Inc., one of the first supportive housing developers in the United States that combines housing development with supportive services in low-income neighborhoods around Chicago. James leads Heartland Housing in an inclusive sustainable design process for several developments, including an ultra-green apartment building, a supportive housing project for families, an LGBT senior housing project and a senior housing project in West Suburban Cook County.

Because Heartland Housing builds and operates their own facilities, they have a unique opportunity to utilize the inherent synergies in their design, operations and support model that can greatly enhance the quality of life of their residents. In working with Heartland, James helps them realize these synergies by defining a process for developing buildings that encourages residents to take ownership of the places where they live. This process facilitates the integration of energy-efficient building techniques that can reduce operation costs while enhancing the quality of life of their residents.

A licensed architect from Chicago, James earned a Master of Architecture and a Certificate of Real Estate Development from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has received several design competition awards, including recognition by Architecture for Humanity and the Urban Land Institute. While in graduate school he managed projects for Community Design Solutions, a community design center within the School of Architecture. At CDS he provided conceptual design services to nonprofit organizations, helping them visualize their needs and getting them to the point where they could hire an architect. Prior to his fellowship James worked with Valerio Dewalt Train Associates in Chicago.

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