Cesia Lopez Angel
Lopez Angel
Little Tokyo Service Center and the Neighborhood Based CDC Coalition
Los Angeles


“As a native of LA, I have witnessed firsthand the results of the cultural overlaps, the thresholds of interracial interactions, and the continuous displacement of underserved communities in the effort to ‘improve’ development in city center areas. My motivation in pursuing community-based architecture is to build meaningful relationships with underserved communities and initiate change.” 

As a Rose Fellow with the Little Tokyo Service Center and Neighborhood Based CDC Coalition, Cesia tackled the dual missions of creating affordable housing and a pedestrian-friendly, transit-accessible central city. By providing affordable housing to underserved populations, and integrating a Transit Oriented Development strategy, the LTSC and the Coalition are demonstrating that community based planning really matters. 

Cesia holds a Woodbury University Professional Bachelors of Architecture and a Masters of Science in Architecture-Alternative Practice degree affiliated with the Arid Lands Institute of the School of Architecture. Cesia earned a design award from the Pasadena & Foothill Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for her undergraduate degree project “Emergent Waterscape: An Urban Exploration for Ceremony and Functionality” in 2010. Her project focused on public space and the effects of water, a critical resource for any community, and examined examples from three cities, both ancient and modern: Los Angeles, Rome and Istanbul.

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