Green Charrette Tools

A charrette is the critical first step in establishing an effective integrative design process. Integrative design incorporates sustainability into the property from the very beginning, using a holistic approach to promote smart location, healthy living environs, resource conservation and green property maintenance throughout the development’s lifecycle.

Use these tools to jump start your own integrative design process.

 Pre-Development Design Toolkit
This toolkit will help you organize your integrative design process, establish an achievable pre-development timeline, and highlight how to engage stakeholders.

 Aging-in-Place Toolkit
These tools are designed to help affordable housing property owners better assess and respond to the needs of their aging residents through the built environment. The Aging-in-Place Design Guidelines specify design and retrofit strategies for project teams concerned with aging, the 2015 Criteria Aging-in-Place Recommendations explore select measures of the 2015 Criteria most relevant to aging in place, the Aging-in-Place Existing Conditions Checklist is an audit tool that can be used to identify aging-in-place opportunities for a project, and the Aging-in-Place Strategy Prioritization Exercise is designed to enable a project team to collectively prioritize potential aging-in-place strategies for inclusion in a property.

 The Success of Charrettes
This report highlights the emerging practice of integrative design within the affordable housing sector.

Healthy Native Homes Roadmap
Building affordable housing in Indian Country? This online tool leads participants through a series of prompts to build a customized, downloadable roadmap for your next project.  

Green Charrette Toolkit

These adaptable resources help project teams and facilitators design and implement successful Enterprise Green Communities charrettes. The templates can be used as-is or modified to fit the team and facilitator’s resources and experience. Refer to the Toolkit Map for more information.

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