Certification Eligibility & Requirements


Green Communities Certification is available for all buildings that contain affordable housing units. Enterprise defines affordable housing as projects serving residents at or below 60 percent AMI for rental projects and at or below 80 percent AMI for for-sale projects.

Stand-alone single-family and multifamily buildings, and groups of single-family or multifamily buildings can pursue Enterprise Green Communities Certification.

Programmatic Requirements

All projects seeking Green Communities Certification must meet mandatory criteria.  New construction projects must achieve at least 35 optional points.  Substantial and Moderate Rehab projects must achieve at least 30 optional points.

Enterprise Green Communities Certification is a two - step process housed within the Green Communities Certification portal.  All Step I: PreBuild and Step 2: PostBuild applications will be reviewed in no more than 30 days by Enterprise.  After the review period, project teams will either receive a request for additional information or a notice that their application was successful.  Note that if additional information is requested and the project team subsequently resubmits their Step I: PreBuild or Step 2: PostBuild application, these will re-enter the review queue, which may take up to 30 days.

Step I: Prebuild applications are due at least 30 days before start of construction:   

  1. Provide project information.

  2. Document how the project will meet the appropriate mandatory and optional criteria.

  3. Upload the required Supplemental Documents.

Step II: Postbuild applications are due within 60 days of construction completion:

  1. Confirm/update project information.

  2. Document how the project met the appropriate mandatory and optional criteria.

  3. Upload the required Supplemental Documents.

Certified projects are awarded with a plaque and their achievement will be listed on our website. 

Waiver Request Process

A formal waiver process is in place for project teams with extenuating circumstances that preclude the project from meeting mandatory criterion. Wavier requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and to maintain the technical integrity of the Green Communities Criteria, these are offered on a limited basis. Project teams must submit all waiver requests within the Green Communities Certification portal during the Step I: PreBuild and/orStep II: PostBuild application phase.

Verification Protocol

A verification protocol is designed to bring the benefits of third-party on-site assessment and performance testing to developments seeking Certification. Any project team submitting a request for certification to Enterprise may be subject to on-site verification by a third-party provider. Projects are randomly selected for verification on a quarterly basis, related to when the project has been submitted to Green Communities for Step I: Prebuild review. Enterprise Green Communities will notify the project team shortly if the project is selected for verification.  Green Communities will then direct a consultant to conduct the verification, monitor the consultant for quality assurance, and cover the costs to complete the verification.

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