Disaster Strikes


  • Execute your readiness plans and maintain critical business operations
  • Check on staff and residents to ensure they (and their homes) are safe & see what they need
  • Check condition and safety of buildings
  • Understand and apply for available relief/aid

Strategies to enhance community preparedness, and highlight physical design and infrastructure elements essential to island communities.

A Field Guide for do-it-yourselfers and contractors to prevent mold-related health problems and save storm-damaged homes.

Equips multifamily affordable building owners and managers with a crisis plan.

Over 100 training videos on disaster preparedness, building infrastructure, resident engagement and more.

Strategies for advocating for federal resilience policy. 

Ensuring insurance coverage protects organizations, buildings and residents’ health in the event of a natural disaster.

Strategies for flood mitigation, green infrastructure solutions and a case study of a multifamily property’s flood protection strategy during Hurricane Sandy.

How affordable multifamily housing providers that serve seniors can strengthen resident engagement and preparedness.

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