Get Ready for Impact


  • Update your readiness plans
  • Fortify your home(s) & property(ies); ensure all personnel know what to do, where to go
  • Pack a “Go Bag” if needed
  • Ensure your back up systems are in place — energy, water, food and medical supplies and all communications pathways are clear and communicated out.

How to identify highest risk properties; recommendations and resources to minimize potential harm to your property.

Shape housing construction in island communities, and make reconstructed homes able to sustain impacts from natural hazards.

Tools to assess buildings' resilience to climate change, strategies and guidance on financing.

Strategies to enhance community preparedness and highlight physical design and infrastructure elements essential to island communities.

19 strategies for building owners to make properties resilient against extreme weather events. 

Equips multifamily affordable building owners and managers with a crisis plan.

Over 100 training videos on disaster preparedness, building infrastructure, resident engagement and more.

Climate Ready is the district's strategy to make the city more resilient to future climate change. 

Tools to better engage and involve the community in design projects.

Strategies for advocating for federal resilience policy. 

Helpful tips, information and resources to help you stay safe in extreme summer heat.

How to preserve indoor air quality during disaster-related power outages and environment contaminants.

Tips to help you pack and store items to prevent damage as you prepare for a disaster.

Create an emergency preparedness guide for a loved one who is a senior or has a disability.

Ways renters can mitigate the risks and consequences of natural disasters.

Humane Society information on keeping pets safe in natural disasters and everyday emergencies.

This checklist tells you all the supplies you should have on hand for pet first aid.

The nation’s only national green building program designed explicitly for green affordable housing construction.

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