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A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities

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To meet the immediate demand for practical design and construction guidance, Enterprise, in collaboration with our partners, produced a guide to help shape housing construction in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys. Keep Safe seeks to make reconstructed homes able to sustain impacts from natural hazards like hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding.



Keep Safe: Virtual Training Series on Climate Safe Homes

Join a team of leaders from across Puerto Rico to introduce attendees to the sequence of steps necessary
for resilient home design, construction and operation before during and after an extreme weather event.
Available simultaneously in Spanish and English, the six-series training program will highlight best practices in the areas of:
site fortification,building protection, passive habitability, water and energy management, community preparedness and more.

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A Guide for Resilient Community Center Design in Island Communities

Communities Together aims to discern individual and community needs that a Community Resilient Hub can provide, offer strategies to enhance community preparedness, and highlight physical design and infrastructure elements essential to withstand chronic stresses and acute shocks.

Download Communities Together guide


Una Guía para el Diseño de Centros Comunitarios Resilientes en Comunidades Isleñas

Comunidades Unidas propone a discerner a las necesidades individuales y comunales que pude proveer un centro de la comúnidad resistente, ofrece estrategias para mejorar la preparación de la comunidad, y destacar el diseño físico y los elementos de infraestructura esencial para resistir a los estreses crónicos y a los tremors agudos.

Descargar Comunidades Unidas


Keep Safe will also help you to identify the best ways to adapt a home or residential facility as well as everyday practices to the perils of climate change. You don’t need financial reserves or construction expertise to make changes that protect you and the people you love from disaster. Whether you plan to build a new house or want to retrofit the one you live in now, you will find strategies that reap multiple benefits of your investment.

Keep Safe is produced as part of Enterprise Community Partners’ Climate Strong Islands Initiative (CSII). CSII is also designed to help with long-term recovery and anticipate future climate effects. As we safeguard homes and communities from future risk, we are helping build an infrastructure of community leaders and organizations committed to equitable and responsive communities. 

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Note: This is a large file, please expect an extended download time.

Visit Manténgase Seguro to view in Spanish.

Take a look at what’s in the guide

Climate Strong Islands Initiative

Watch Jennifer Joseph- James, CEO of Roof Reinforcers, explain the importance of the manual for her work.

Importance of the Manual

Watch Deanna James, President of St. Croix Foundation for Community Development, explain the importance of the manual for her work.

Critical Information

Learn the critical information you need to build resilient homes.

Our Impact on Housing Agencies

Watch Antoinette Fleming, Director for CBDG Disaster Recovery of the Virgin Island Housing Authority, explain the importance of the Keep Safe Guide to help shape housing construction in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Teaching Sustainability

Find out ways you can educate and train people to learn resiliency and sustainability when rebuilding communities.

Building Relationships with this Manual

Relationship building and organizing are crucial elements for creating resilient communities. Find out ways you can help bridge the gap.

Community Organizing and Support

Community needs are just as important before an emergency as they are after. See how you can prepare for natural disasters before they occur. 

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Climate Strong Islands Initiative
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Importance of the Manual
man reviewing the keep safe manual
Critical Information
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Our Impact on Housing Agencies
lady giving information on the manual
Teaching Sustainability
woman talking to some interested in the manual
Building Relationships with this Manual
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Community Organizing and Support
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