Keep Safe

A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities

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To meet the immediate demand for practical design and construction guidance, we are producing a manual to help shape housing construction in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys. Keep Safe seeks to make reconstructed homes able to sustain impacts from natural hazards like hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding.

It will also help you to identify the best ways to adapt a home or residential facility as well as everyday practices to the perils of climate change. You don’t need financial reserves or construction expertise to make changes that protect you and the people you love from disaster. Whether you plan to build a new house or want to retrofit the one you live in now, you will find strategies that reap multiple benefits of your investment.

Keep Safe is produced as part of Enterprise Community Partners’ Climate Strong Islands Initiative (CSII). CSII is also designed to help with long-term recovery and anticipate future climate effects. As we safeguard homes and communities from future risk, we are helping build an infrastructure of community leaders and organizations committed to equitable and responsive communities. 

A sneak peek of what’s to come in the guide


Puerto Rico Homebuilders Association
University of Puerto Rico Planning and Architecture
Alvarez Diaz Y Villalon

Contributing Partners
Perkins and Will 
Habitat for Humanity
Thornton Tomasetti
United States Department of Energy
MIT urban risk lab
Abruna and Musgrave

Unidos por Puerto Rico
New York Community Trust
Miami Foundation


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