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In 2020, the Enterprise Rose Fellowship is celebrating 20 years of meaningful partnerships between artists, architectural designers and the community development organizations that they work with to improve the lives of residents from across the country.

Design with Love: At Home in America
By Katie Swenson, photography by Harry Connolly

Design With Love Cover

To commemorate this impressive milestone, Enterprise is pleased to share Design with Love: At Home in America. The book chronicles the experiences of ten fellows from the US-Mexico border, farm country, Rust Belt cities, Indigenous reservations and coastal cities over the 20 years of the Rose Fellowship, showing us that architecture and community is about human relationships and shared ambitions, as well as how the built environment can support and lift up the lives of residents anywhere.

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Live Book Discussion
Thursday, March 11 at 4pm ET

Join a live book discussion of Design with Love: At Home in America, written by Katie Swenson, accompanied by documentary photography by Harry Connolly. The book intimately chronicles the experiences of design practitioners - Enterprise Rose Fellows - working in community development in collaboration and in solidarity with local partners in communities from all corners of the country, who each endeavor to bring love to their work in different ways. Join the discussion: Do you bring love to your work? If so, how, and with whom? What were stories that inspired you in any particular way?

Virtual Book Launch Celebration

Watch the Recording

An intimate conversation to virtually celebrate Design with Love’s book launch. Author Katie Swenson and photographer Harry Connolly joined by long-time supporter of the Enterprise Rose Fellowship and champion for community-led design, Maurice Cox, Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development for the City of Chicago, and some of the inspiring people whose personal stories are shared within the book's pages and pictures.

What are people saying about Design with Love

“The Rose Fellows are lighting the path so we can see how to design in partnership with communities. Design with Love demonstrates how these young design visionaries are helping to amplify the beating hearts of communities, spaces that bring safety, health, beauty, joy and comfort to families.” - Diane Ives, Fund Advisor, Kendeda Fund

“Equal parts shepherd, colleague, and champion, Katie Swenson takes us on a rich and gratifying journey across the American landscape highlighting the immutable power of design. Opening space for architects, developers, communities, and individuals to tell their unique yet interconnected stories in clear, unambiguous terms, Swenson presents a powerful counter to the common claim that architects can’t be agents of social change. Elegantly written and easily relatable, the ten projects in this retrospective are impassioned yet peaceful testimonials to the impact architecture can make on individuals, communities, and architects themselves. It is no surprise to learn many Rose Fellows have never left the communities they came to serve. Such is the power of love. While Swenson and her cohort would never make this claim, if architecture is to have any hope of living up to its civic responsibility as a profession, this is a model of practice that must be embraced, supported, and as Swenson does with deft and grace, celebrated.” - Craig L. Wilkins, PhD, Author of Aesthetics of Equity and Diversity Among Architects

“In this remarkable book, Katie Swenson traces the experiences of ten former Rose Fellows as they navigate the daunting, complex, and often unfamiliar world of affordable housing. Their stories - highlighted with exquisite photography by Harry Connolly - underscore the immense social, racial and economic inequities in our society, but they also speak to the tenacity and resilience of communities that are determined to overcome them. Not surprisingly, many of the Fellows have gone on to initiate their own community-based organizations that are rooted in the public interest, certain to spawn a new generation of civic-minded leaders. How refreshing, in a period marked by such spectacle and strife, to focus on something as timeless, fundamental and essential as love.” - David Gamble, AIA AICP, co-author Rebuilding the American City

"The works that the fellows, their community development hosts, and their communities’ residents have created are models of emergent solutions to the issues of social justice, income inequality, and environmental destruction. These are particularly powerful forces in lower-income communities. To overcome them requires the equally powerful force of collective vision, manifested through design, finance, development, and construction skills. But, as so beautifully written about by Katie Swenson and photographed by Harry Connolly in this book, it also requires deep listening, collaboration, and love....Love is most powerful in its collective form. The solutions to the issues of our age lie in cultures of pervasive altruism." - Jonathan F. P. Rose, Author, The Well-Tempered City


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