Siboney Diaz-Sanchez


The Rose Fellowship formalizes work that Siboney cares about. She wants to learn how to listen more effectively and she is eager to hear from people in communities OppCo prioritizes. The Neighborhood Developers and Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation are incredible organizations and she cannot wait to work with righteous people dedicated to impactful missions.

Siboney is excited by the balance in OppCo's work plan. She will be working on affordable housing development and placekeeping because they are inherently connected but often intentionally separated. She looks forward to seeing how community engagement can inform existing processes and create new ones. Siboney is inspired by OppCo's commitment to construction efficiency, neighborhood connectivity, intangible preservation efforts and health and human services. Words matters and she is hyper-sensitive to problematic language that reflects centuries of inequities. She looks forward to assisting OppCo's growth.

Siboney received her B.Arch from Cornell University and is a proud mentor to and mentee of Angelica Elizabeth Reyna, Big Brothers Big Sisters South Texas.

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