Nick Guertin
Coalfield Development


As a designer, Nick has regularly sought opportunities which help support the vitality of communities and the people within them. He believes that serious social challenges across the country – whether in residential affordability, economic opportunity, or public health- require creative and collaborative problem solving. The Rose Fellowship illustrates that community development is not just a process – but a relationship. It underscores that the work should never simply be for a community -but by a community. He is excited by the chance to join a program where social impact is front and center, utilizing design as a tool of empowerment.

Nick looks forward to working on the process that Coalfield brings to design and development. A framework for the future can equip the organization to execute projects of greater scope, complexity, and quality – in turn deepening the overall impact achieved. His experience combines design of public buildings and affordable housing; neighborhood planning and development; along with perspectives from non-profit community organizations. He believes that this background will help in problem solving at any number of scales: from the design of individual projects to larger-level systems thinking. 

Nick hopes that his Fellowship brings different modes of thinking about the role that design can play in community development. Greater integration of design with other organizational initiatives would not only support Coalfield's mission, but potentially create new ideas or areas to explore in our work. 

Nick earned his M.Arch and B.S. in Architecture from Northeastern University. He has been recognized by the City of Boston, the Boston Society of Architects, and NeLMA for several design competitions on public space and sustainability. 

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