Mukhtara Yusuf
Human Solutions


As a Rose Fellow, Mukhtara hopes to create healing spaces in a way that will challenge and refine her existing practice. What do we owe the communities we work with? How do we fulfill the responsibilities that come hand-in-hand with community trust? Mukhtara believes in an approach that asks about both emotional-spiritual-psychological needs and the material needs of communities. She is excited for the opportunity to learn from existing models in indigenous, vernacular, and informal practices and to offer them her reverence.  
At Human Solutions, Mukhtara will be creating new interior and communal spaces in partnership with existing recycling and sustainable repair organizations. She will be incorporating Human Solutions’ trauma-informed care framework to foster community relationships that foster healing. She hopes her fellowship with Human Solutions will connect the organization with existing sustainable, creative, healing, and anti-racist entities in Portland.  
Mukhtara received her master’s of Fine Arts in Design from the University of Texas-Austin and a master of Arts in Communications and Media from University of California San Diego. She has previously participated in artists residencies with the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) and the African Artists Foundation Residency (Lagos, Nigeria).

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