Recipes for Community Change

design-made-with-love-132x172.jpgLove and forgiveness are forces sorely needed in our neighborhoods, our communities and our built environments.

In 2013, the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship joined with the Fetzer Institute to ask how we could enlist design to confront physical brokenness, shape the social and community context, and allow for the emergence of love and forgiveness. Building on the Enterprise Rose Architectural tradition, in which fellows spend three years in communities practicing a relationship-centered, participatory approach that encourages interaction across cultural and socioeconomic divides, fellows in eight communities tested out a set of community-based methodologies that we’ve come to call "collaborative actions."

As fellows acted in these eight communities, we noticed just how often coming together around food was a part of the process of community change. And because we wanted to not just tell the story of our collaborative actions, but to spread a way of making change that draws from the power of art and making and the power of community organizing, we decided to turn the experiences into a set of ‘recipes’ to inspire you. Because no recipe is ever perfect, and in the words of fellow Emily Roush-Elliott, "everything is a prototype," we’re inviting you into our living "test kitchen" to understand what we’ve done and what we might have done differently, given the chance. Just like all recipes change when you add a pinch of this or substitute that, we hope these ideas evolve with use in your community.

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