Webinar: Why is Puerto Rico Shaking? How to Keep Homes & Communities Safe From Earthquakes

Applied Technology Council
AIA Puerto Rico
Build Change
Miyamoto International
Resilient Power Puerto Rico
Recent earthquakes around the world have demonstrated the fragility of infrastructure, including construction stock. Using Puerto Rico as a case study, we explore how to support buildings and communities vulnerable to disasters. We identify the best ways to adapt a house or residence and discuss daily practices to reduce the dangers of seismic activity.
earthquake destroyed building

Enterprise Community Partners, in partnership with nonprofit organizations, experts, and government officials, has produced a series of webinars to promote resilient housing. Our experts provide solutions to the vulnerabilities affecting a house during an earthquake. We explain seismic activity in the Caribbean region and the world, assess the priorities for your home, structural conditions prior to an event, and post-disaster safety evaluation guidance. This webinar focuses on the island of Puerto Rico.

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