Tip Jar Guides to Creative Collaboration

Irene Figueroa-Ortiz, Kaziah Haviland and Kelsey Oesmann (Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows)
Expertise can be found in collective knowledge. That’s why we created seven virtual “tip jars” filled with strategic tips to help designers and others navigate the different communication styles and working relationships of various partners – from artists to public agencies

Effective communication across disciplines is critical at all scales of design, from a community garden to a city-wide transit plan. Every partner brings something unique to the table, as well as a distinct working style, perspective, and way of communicating. 
After consulting with professionals outside the design field, three Rose Fellows created seven virtual “tip jars.” The tips address all aspects of partnerships – from starting a conversation, to designing the process of working together, to saying goodbye. These documents are filled with strategic advice to navigate collaborations with various partners.
The guide includes tips for designers working...

...with Public Agencies
…with philanthropists
…outside their community
…with developers
…with community members
…with artists
…with nonprofits
Take a tip or click the link in the document to add a tip to our virtual tip jar – either way you’re contributing to our collective expertise.

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