Successful Organizational Practices: Strong Partners

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This paper examines what strong organizations should look like in order to support and expand the affordable housing sector.

In the United States, we are facing a housing insecurity crisis. An essential core component of increasing the capacity of the affordable housing delivery system is having strong, capable, mission-driven affordable housing developers and owners. Some of the key priorities and practices reported by these strong nonprofit developers are to:

  • adopt rigorous fiscal discipline
  • manage assets carefully for long-term health
  • project organizational cash flow for at least three, if not five, years
  • approach growth with caution, managing growth carefully by identifying risks and weaknesses early, allowing them to evolve to meet challenges
  • value and support communication and staff development, and invest in infrastructure and systems
  • focus on strong financial and real estate capacity on the board
  • make investments that generate a return and adhere to a strategy for paying back the program-related investments and equity equivalents
  • use data as part of management strategy, down to the business line level, using measurement and data to drive performance
  • maintain stability in senior management.

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