Promoting Opportunity through Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (eTOD): A Research Summary

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Promoting Opportunity through Equitable TOD is a research series that updates and expands upon Making Affordable Housing at Transit a Reality by Enterprise and FRESC (2010).

Investments in communities and transit infrastructure can significantly enhance opportunity for low- and moderate-income families. Equitable transit-oriented development (eTOD) is one tool to ensure that high-opportunity neighborhoods are inclusive despite the property value increases that often result from such investments. A primary approach to eTOD is the preservation and creation of dedicated affordable housing, which can ensure that high-opportunity neighborhoods are open to people from all walks of life. Promoting Opportunity through Equitable TOD: A Research Summary will address:

  • The importance of eTOD to families, as well as the broader community, region and economy.
  • Barriers to eTOD, including the absence of a proactive strategy, difficulty in accessing financing, regulatory challenges and market conditions, as well as best practices for overcoming these barriers.
  • Navigating federal regulations to support eTOD, particularly those related to Joint Development and the Federal Transit Administration Capital Investment Grant program..
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