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The Project Mission Writer workbook provides a series of prompts and exercises for development teams to articulate, with the team and the community, a clear vision for a project’s impact on future residents and the community, dramatically increasing a development’s ability to achieve that vision.

Given the fast-paced funding cycles, demanding development process, and lengthy regulatory requirements, how do developers achieve more for the people and communities that they serve? Efforts must be focused, stakeholders inspired to move ideas forward, and the team working in sync. A written project mission statement is the best way to achieve this. 

This workbook will walk you step-by-step through the process of crafting a project mission for a development, setting goals for resident, community and organizational impact and helping you to:
• distinguish your project with a clear vision in a competitive funding environment

• ensure that your design and development teams make informed decisions from the same playbook during value-engineering

• maintain project continuity throughout staffing changes

• save time and money, and enhance impact, as your pursue fewer goals more directly 

The Project Mission Writer is part of the Design Matters Toolkit, a series of workbooks, tools and videos to help developers ensure resident and community impact is a primary design driver, despite the regulatory and financial constraints placed on housing. Visit for the full toolkit, including the Design Principles Primer and the Impact Measurement Guide, along with other instructional videos and resources. 

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