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These frequently asked questions accompany the Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit. The FAQ delves deeper into common questions related to optimal time to retrofit, audit protocols, auditor qualifications, audit costs and much more.

Table of Contents: 1) What is a Green Capital Needs Assessment? 2) When is the optimal time to retrofit a building? 3) What if my building is individually metered? 4) How do I know which audit protocol to use? 5) How do I know which retrofit measures will be most cost-effective for a particular building? 6) How can a green retrofit improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) help create a healthier living environment for the residents? 7) What qualifications should an auditor have? 8) How much does an audit cost? 9) How can I create a plan to retrofit my whole portfolio over time? 10) What metric can I use to compare and rank multiple properties in a portfolio?

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