Made with Love: Recipes for Community Change

Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship
A book of stories of creative and community-focused collaborative actions that Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows led in communities across the country. It is a book of inspiration, as well as an informative guide for engaging in your own collaborative action.

Prepare to be inspired! “Made with Love” is filled with community project “recipes” conceived to foster love and forgiveness. Written and produced by Mia Scharphie, the book follows eight Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows, who worked collaboratively with their communities to foster healing and forgiveness  and to envision and create physical infrastructure together that supports community well-being. 

Throughout this book, the fellows bring you stories of their collaborative actions and what they learned along the way. The actions in this book reflect the specific communities from which they came. For example, a temporary origami installation of 3,000 community-made cranes on a vacant building in Seattle generated intergenerational conversations about the neighborhood and social justice. 

In Boston, a former bus yard was turned into a temporary public art park that unearthed members of Roxbury’s street art scene. And in Santa Domingo, New Mexico, tribal elders were assured on a two-mile community walk that their stories would not be lost or forgotten. 

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