Live Online Event | Creative Placemaking Case Studies for Community Developers (slides)

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Nella Young ,
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Mia Scharphie, Creative Agency
Jenifer Kaminsky, PUSH Buffalo
Dillon Bustin, Madison Park Development Corporation
Mickey Northcutt, Northshore Community Development Corporation
cover slide
Slide deck from the November 15, 2017 Live Online Event

Creative placemaking is a set of strategies that leverage the arts, culture, creativity, and design to improve communities. It can activate places that are under-utilized, generate interaction and buy-in, increase community pride and connectedness, and spur local economies. When creative placemaking activities are bottom-up and community driven, they can build resident agency. 

Join Mia Sharphie (Moderator) and Nella Young, Senior Program Director as they facilitate a conversation with Jenifer Kaminsky from PUSH Buffalo, Dillon Bustin from Madison Park Development Corporation, and Mickey Northcutt from Northshore Community Development Corporation that explores how arts, culture, creativity, and design can improve communities.

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