Landmark of Opportunity: Transformative Investments Spark Community Change

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This year’s Enterprise Community Loan Fund Social Return on Investment Report takes us to Cleveland and the rehabilitation of the nearly 100 year old Saint Luke’s Hospital into a multi-generational campus that provides housing to senior citizens, high quality education to Cleveland school children, and a home to dedicated neighborhood non-profits. Thanks to strong partnerships and intensive investment in the project, the hospital continues to serve as a landmark and hub of the Buckeye-Woodhill community

Enterprise Community Loan Fund builds opportunity in neighborhoods across the country by providing critical capital to high-impact affordable housing and community development projects. Through Enterprise’s catalytic investments and strong neighborhood partnerships, the historic Saint Luke’s Hospital campus in Cleveland, Ohio, was transformed into a mixed-use neighborhood hub. The revitalized Saint Luke’s campus offers affordable housing for seniors with low incomes, a high-performing charter school, a local Boys & Girls Club and offices for local nonprofits. Now a center of neighborhood activity, Saint Luke’s is a powerful example of strategic investment and deep partnerships coming together to spark community transformation and create positive impact for years to come.

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