Investing with Purpose: Preserving a Neighborhood Legacy - The 2019 Social Return on Investment Report

Margaret Scott ,
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Lindsay Eilers ,
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
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Why we invest: our new Social Return on Investment Report looks at how Enterprise provided the strategic investment needed to preserve the affordability of Columbia Heights Village, home to 406 households in a high-opportunity neighborhood in Washington, D.C., and explores the impact of these investments on residents.

Capital resources are crucial to preserving affordable housing in growing neighborhoods to enable residents with lower incomes to share in the benefits that accompany neighborhood investment. As an impact investor, Enterprise is committed to providing capital that can deliver financial returns and measurable social impact, no matter the community.    

This year’s Social Return on Investment Report examines the impact of Columbia Heights Village (CHV), a Washington, D.C. housing development that exemplifies this approach. Originally built in 1977, CHV provides 406 affordable homes to residents with low incomes in the heart of an opportunity-rich neighborhood. In 2017, Enterprise Community Loan Fund and Conventional Equity came together to provide the capital needed to preserve the affordability of CHV, a neighborhood landmark, in the face of rising housing costs.     

Enterprise is proud to focus the report where its work began more than 30 years ago, when founder James Rouse first joined with community groups in a nearby Washington, D.C. neighborhood to transform substandard properties into quality affordable housing. Rouse’s vision continues to guide Enterprise today.  

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