Hurricane Sandy: Housing Needs One Year Later

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This research brief summarizes early findings from a survey commissioned by Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. to measure the ongoing impact of Hurricane Sandy, one year after the storm made landfall.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the eastern seaboard on October 29, 2012, becoming the deadliest and largest Atlantic hurricane of the year and the second costliest in United States history. Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. was one of the first housing organizations to respond in the region. Enterprise focused on planning for long-term recovery, using the lessons learned from our experiences after Hurricane Katrina. Enterprise has provided capital, technical assistance and research, driven by our commitment to ensuring that the affordable housing infrastructure has the resiliency necessary to provide shelter and services to low- and moderate-income individuals and families during and after future crises.

Recognizing that we lacked information about the continuing needs for residents in the tri-state region affected by Hurricane Sandy, Enterprise commissioned a needs assessment survey in September 2013. Enterprise worked with YouGov, a nationally recognized polling research firm, to administer an online survey to ask residents about their displacement during and after the storm, physical and emotional impacts of the storm, and the damage and cost of repairs to their housing and property.

Beginning with this brief, Enterprise will publish extensive analysis of the survey results over the next several months to help local leaders, advocates and policymakers address the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and prepare for future severe weather related disasters of this kind.

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