Housing Policy Platform Recommendations

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Guidance for 2020 Presidential candidates to address America’s housing affordability challenges.

Enterprise is engaged in non-partisan issue-based advocacy around the 2020 Presidential election to promote an increased awareness of the need for comprehensive affordable housing policy solutions. The goal of this advocacy is to ensure that all candidates and voters understand the important role that affordable housing plays in improving the lives of our nation’s citizens. To further this work, Enterprise has compiled a list of suggestions for Presidential candidates to help them craft policy platforms that will address America’s housing affordability challenges.

In this memo you will find policy proposals that address the issue by:

1.    Increasing investments in federal programs that create and preserve affordable housing;
2.    Providing vouchers for all Americans who are eligible for the program;
3.    Creating housing policies that address systemic racial inequities and end cycles of poverty;
4.    Permanently authorizing disaster response programs to ensure rapid and equitable recovery; and 
5.    Implementing a range of programs to prevent and end homelessness across a broad range of populations.  

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