The Greater Washington Region's Future Housing Needs: 2023

Jeannette Chapman
Report Cover
This analysis forecasts the Area Median Income (AMI) of Greater Washington area households, plus the type (singlefamily and multi-family) and tenure (owned and rented) of the housing units they occupy.

In light of the housing insecurity issues that impacts millions of families across the nation and hundreds of thousands of households in the Greater Washington region, this new report by CRA comes at a critical time. In order to remain competitive as a regional economy, it is important to understand and address the housing needs of individuals and families at all income levels and determine what steps can be taken to meet those needs and reduce the housing insecurity burdens faced by far too many households, especially low income households.

In collaboration with the Greater Washington Housing Leaders Group and other stakeholders, we hope this paper will inform public and private sector policy and funding discussions aimed at addressing this critical issue. Between 2011 and 2023, the Greater Washington region is projected to add 410,380 new households for a total of 2,524,410 households, including workers and their families, retirees, students and others necessary for a robust region.

In order to determine the future housing needs for these households, this analysis forecasts the Area Median Income (AMI) group of the households, as well as the type (singlefamily and multi-family) and tenure (owned and rented) of the housing units they occupy.

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