Designing Policy: The Game

Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship
Get the card game for social impact designers – created by social impact designers. “Designing Policy” helps you navigate the daunting and sometimes frustrating path of governing policy from physical design to completed project.

Whether you’re seeking to design streetscape improvements; a compelling, improbable public space; or a progressive and innovative housing solutions, addressing the frameworks and context of the work is a necessary part of the process. This process often requires navigating a daunting and frustrating path of governing policy from your physical design to completed project. What if a card game existed that made the whole process much easier? There is.

“Designing Policy” is more than a game: it’s an idea generator. Use this card game to identify the stakeholders who may accelerate your project – or have the potential pull the brakes on it. Figure out how to address challenges and responses that may arise. Prepare for those intangible “wild card” occurrences that might alter your path to success.

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