Design for Impact

Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship
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This booklet documents Enterprise’s beta test of an interdisciplinary outcomes-based design methodology, and illustrates how the process can strengthen design interventions at multiple scales and for specific, targeted purposes.

Regardless of your intent and the outcomes, there is always a social impact associated with every design project. Design, and architectural design in particular, affects the physical environment and our experience in it – either negatively or positively. Because of this, design shares common ground with fields that are working to affect the determinants of population well-being, such as public health, education and community development, through their programming. 

To advance this concept of cross-sector collaboration to use design to improve health and social outcomes, Enterprise has beta-tested an interdisciplinary outcomes-based design methodology with three Rose Architectural Fellows – Alexis Smith, Annie Ledbury and Stephen Klimek – and consultants ISA and HealthxDesign. The Design for Impact booklet documents the beta-testing process and illustrates ways in which the process can strengthen design interventions at multiple scales and for targeted purposes.

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