Design Competition Resource Guide

Carrie Niemy ,
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Screenshot of Competition Design Guide
Considering a design competition to secure innovative designs for a potential project? This resource provides guidance on whether pursuing a design competition is the right choice, as well as the primary steps involved in the organization and execution of a competition.

Design competitions can be a great method for quickly developing and gathering innovative ideas for a project. However, competitions can be financially costly and have unintended impacts on community and design partners. 

This resource and workbook will walk you through the process of organizing and executing a design competition. Supported by guided exercises and examples of design competitions in action, this workbook will help you:

  • Determine whether a design competition is right for your project
  • Decide on a competition format
  • Write a design brief
  • Manage and market a design competition, and
  • Engage communities and other stakeholders in the competition process
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