Climate Risk Reduction

The impacts of our changing climate worsen the affordable housing crisis, putting millions of households at risk of displacement. Enterprise has heard from developers, owners and operators of affordable housing that there is a need to make properties more resilient to reduce displacement of residents, damage to property, business interruptions and other harmful impacts, but are unsure what strategies could be both effective and affordable. 

Below are the strategies Enterprise's recommends to help developers, owners and operators identify and plan for climate risks.

strong wind blowing palm trees
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Community building against a blue sky
A hand holding a photo of a flooded city street
Identify your hazard exposure Assess your risks Determine your resilience strategies Implement resilience strategies
Portfolio Protect Building Protect Multifamily Strategies for Building Resilience Business Continuity
Keep Safe Florida

Keep Safe: A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities

Funding Resources Guide

Keep Safe Florida
2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria
    Business Continuity

Multifamily Strategies for Building Resilience
      Keep Safe Florida

Please contact Mihir Parikh with questions about these tools or want to learn more climate resilience resources.


July 19, 2022