Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute (AHDLI) Program, 2017

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Program for the 8th annual AHDLI, held July 17-19, 2017 in Boston, Mass.

As we entered the 8th year of the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute, the Design team at Enterprise Community Partners stopped to reflect on the Institute’s accomplishments and its future. We asked former participants about their AHDLI experience, and we heard that:

• 82% of participating developers asked more of their architects than they had in the past
• 95% of developers stated that they now work more effectively with their designers
• 85% of developers reported they now address design earlier in the development process

Why does all this matter?
Well-designed affordable housing changes lives, especially when design addresses community and resident needs and achieves specific outcomes desired by those communities and
residents. Knowing this, we asked ourselves, “how can we empower more, and stronger leaders equipped with these design skills in the field of affordable housing?” Leaders who not
only adopt these skills but inspire and advocate for other stakeholders to support design excellence and innovation in affordable housing, despite many regulatory and financial constraints.

We tackled this question through a research project in partnership with MASS Design Group. Working with MASS’s research team, we dug deep into the existing literature, interviewed dozens of developers and designers, and conducted an in-depth case study of a past AHDLI participant who had reinvented their development process after attending the Institute. The 2017 Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute is the result of those efforts.

We hope it empowers you to accomplish more for the residents and the communities that you serve.

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